This Dog Was All Alone At Death’s Door. Everyone Ignored Her… Til This Happened.

While one man was visiting Mexico, he enjoyed taking treks through the desert. On one such walk, he came across a dog in such bad shape, she looked already dead.

He knew what he had to do.

She was found in the middle of the Mexican desert without shelter, water or food. The man who found her knew she wouldn’t last long without some help, he couldn’t just leave her. So, he walked to the closest store to buy anything he could for her.

The employees didn’t understand English and didn’t carry dog food, so the only thing he was able to buy were fresh tortillas and water. The dog, starving as she was, ate them all immediately.

He came across tourists on bikers and explained his plea. The five discussed what might be done. The man who found her said he’d go back to Torres Mazatlan and try to get help finding a local animal rescue. He eventually went back to find the dog with a rescue worker, but she was nowhere to be found.

Luckily, after he left, one of the tourists decided to make an extra effort to find the dog. She was an American who had lived in Mexico for years. She had worked with local animal rescue organizations herself, knew a Mazatlan veterinarian, and told him the story of the dog. Together, they went to the Cerritos area and did find her.

When the dog was brought to the Conrehabit shelter Martha, the woman who helped the man search for the dog, emailed him a picture to confirm she had been found.

Despite how sick he was, Sally the American gave in and added Tania (the dog’s new name) to her pack of dogs. Now, she had six and they were all rescues. Just look at him now – that beautiful face.

Tania is gaining weight, playing with other dogs and truly embracing the life that was originally stolen from her.

She has a new lease on life

From literally on death’s door to happy and safe, this is one ending that couldn’t be any happier.

Share this story. If you ever see a dog in dire need like Tania, don’t just keep on walking. Help.

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