This Guy Had No Idea A Deadly Rattlesnake Was At His Feet. What His Dog Did Is AMAZING.

A family was playing in the yard one afternoon when tragedy struck, without warning. Although the experience was scary, it could have been so much worse if it weren’t for a heroic dog named Chief. We were playing tug-o-war in the backyard and Chief let go of the toy and lunged right at my feet, snarling so viciously I was scared of him. I stumbled back, fell on my rump, and by the time I looked back at Chief, he was whipping a long, thin thing back and forth violently. 

This was the snake that was hiding in the grass, ready to attack.


Chief didn’t hesitate attacking the serpent. The rattlesnake landed a bite, and the venom was fast-acting. Look how much he swelled up. 🙁


The heroic dog didn’t want to be touched, and was panicking.


Once the family realized it was an Eastern Diamondback snake, they rushed frantically to the vet.


He had to be carried to the car. “Thankfully, the ER Vet had anti-venom/antivenin on hand. I’m not sure he would have made it without it. It ran $780 for one vial so I’m grateful he didn’t need a second dose.”


“The ER found more snake bites on him but they think they were dry bites – where the snake didn’t inject venom when it struck. He was even more lucky because the snake struck the bony part of his muzzle which meant the fangs glanced off instead of really sinking in.”


This is what Chief looked like before the bite (a true hero).


Source: Imgur This is what the dog’s owner learned from this scary experience: 1. You can get a rattle-snake bite vaccine for about $25. If you live in an area with these critters, get it! 2. While not popular, there is snake-aversion training for dogs. If you live in an area with several varieties of venomous snakes and your dog has a history of going after them, you might consider this. 3. Getting the dog to the vet within an hour of the bite is crucial! The faster you can get the anti-venom in them, the better. 4. Love your dogs. They will make unbelievable sacrifices for you.

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